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My Story

I was born in Kansas and grew up with a constant love for art, music, and nature. Whether it was making mud pies with my siblings or taking hiking trips with friends, I was always involved in enjoying and exploring the wonder and beauty of nature. After studying music in higher education for 3 years, I decided to make music a hobby and am now pursuing my love for nature.


With a background in herbal medicine through the Herbal Academy and a certification in holistic health coaching from Trinity School of Natural Health, I've fallen deeper in love with making my dreams a reality: providing my own holistic health care services to those seeking peace, healing, and healthy lifestyle changes. 


In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, caring for my cuddly shih-tzu, writing music, pursuing a license in massage therapy, and spending time making unforgettable memories with family and friends. I hope you enjoy my site and consider reaching out!

IG: @courtneyrosejacobson

Sticks and Stones

My Core Values

As a daughter, sister, friend, coach, and human being, my core beliefs guide my approach to every aspect of my life from relationships to career: 

I believe in the inherent goodness and value of every human life from birth to death.

I believe we have particular responsibilities as stewards of the earth, ourselves, and each other. 

I believe in our sovereign power to create the lives we deserve to live.

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